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The Barcelona Olive Oil Company is a project that was born out of both CHANCE and my LOVE of quality extra virgin olive oil.

Seventeen years ago, CHANCE led me to a life in a typical Catalan farmhouse, one hour north of Barcelona, where I discovered two native olive varieties that had been abandoned and forgotten for more than 100 years.

Although I had no experience, I decided to take care of the olive trees, mainly out of respect for the little treasure I had found.

Then I went to Cordoba University to learn about extra virgin olive oil agriculture. There I fell in LOVE with the exciting world of EVOO, and my life changed completely.
I was 35 years old.

Before that I worked in the fire department while I was studying to be an engineer, and earlyer than I even finished my studies, a Japanese multinational company hired me to start a new automotive project in Barcelona, I worked there for 15 years, until by chance I met a film director and started writing scripts and dedicating myself to the world of cinema.

All of us together, doing something we love, with Quality, Respect, Passion and Commitment

Five years latter I decided to move to Cal Sastre, a typical Catalan farmhouse where I discovered the hidden treasure of the two native olive groves.

All my EVOOs are made with the utmost care and quality. Despite being a small producer, I emphasize quality in all the steps I follow to obtain a Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rather than being concerned about quantities, I strive for EXCELLENCE. This is desmonstrated by important details such productivity, in which I extract only 8% from every 100Kg of olives.

This special attention to quality and not to quantity can be seen in the chemical analysis of my extra virgin olive oils, for example, when looking at the high concentration of oleics acids or the high levels of Oleocanthal.

Xavier Ruzafa
The Barcelona Olive Oil Company

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