My Arbequina is a century old variety from the Borges Blanques area. As it is grown in arid soil, it has more polifenols than others Arbequinas. The fruit is very small and round and the Extra Virgin oil has a fresh smell, like freshly cut grass and tomatoes. In the mouth it is soft and calm, with flavors that remind us of tomato, banana and toasted almond. With little bitterness and very balanced, it does not have a very pronounced spiciness and is quite mild, leaving us with an aroma of banana and toasted almond. We recommend using it for pasta, dipping bread and steamed vegetables.
A very well-balanced oil, with aromas of freshly cut grass, and a clear taste of tomato, ripe almonds and bananas, with almost no bitterness. The spiciness is low, leaving a sensation of toasted nuts with hints of banana.

The story of the rabbit

The story of the rabbit goes back to the beginning of everything, when I began to recover the olive trees that had been abandoned for almost 100 years.

One day by surprise, a small white rabbit appeared from among the bushes. It watched me while I was recovering the olive trees and it watched me while I worked removing brambles and bushes. He looked at me and I looked at him, at a certain distance, without getting too close to me.

Out of sympathy I began to bring him some food and, little by little, his trust grew, and we became friends. Many days and weeks passed, and the rabbit was getting more and more used to me. After a few months, one day he approached me, and let me caress him.
On those cold winter days when I spent a lot of time alone working in the olive trees, my little friend’s company made me feel better.
And one day, long before bottling my first bottle of oil, I thought that he must somehow be present in my product. Every year, for many years, he has accompanied me when I prune the olive trees, or when I collect the olives. Now I haven’t seen him for some time. He must surely be in rabbit heaven, but the memory of him is still alive in each and every bottle of oil that I produce and in the very essence of the company. Respect and be respected.

Why all these different colors and textures?

Each variety has a different texture, smell, color, and flavor, which is why each one of the rabbits that accompanies the initial of the variety on the label, has a different texture, color, and pattern as well. Each rabbit bears the respective colors of each variety of oil, according to its organoleptic notes.

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