Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Corbella original

My Corbella Original is a native variety from our farmhouse Cal Sastre, one hour north of Barcelona. The fruit of these centuries-old olive trees is elongated in the shape of a half-moon and not very large.

The Extra Virgin oil of this variety is unmatched, as both the smells and the taste are sweet, and very few olive groves around the world make extra virgin oils with a sweet taste. The aroma begins with fennel and quickly gives way to strawberry and mango, ending with the aroma of a field of wild flowers.

In the mouth it is smooth from beginning to end, with tastes that remind us of strawberry and sweet fruits, without bitterness and with a pronounced and persistent spicy finish, leaving us with a hint of strawberry and red fruits.

Verdal original

My Verdal Original is a native variety from our Cal Sastre farmhouse, one hour north of Barcelona, with olive trees over 200 years old that have round and large fruit. The extra virgin olive oil extracted from Verdal Original is very fragrant, with intense aromas reminiscent of pear, green almond and artichoke. In the mouth it is soft at first, but little by little a bitter and lively taste emerges that reminds one of artichoke and green almond. Spicy, sharp and lasting, the final taste is long and persistent.

A strong Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Verdal Original is extremely healthy, as it has a very high Oleocanthal content.


My Arbequina is a century old variety from the Borges Blanques area. As it is grown in arid soil, it has more polifenols than others Arbequinas. The fruit is very small and round and the Extra Virgin oil has a fresh smell, like freshly cut grass and tomatoes. In the mouth it is soft and calm, with flavors that remind us of tomato, banana and toasted almond.

With little bitterness and very balanced, it does not have a very pronounced spiciness and is quite mild, leaving us with an aroma of banana and toasted almond. We recommend using it for pasta, dipping bread and steamed vegetables.


My Millennium; An olive variety over a thousand years old. These are monumental olive trees that were planted in the province of Tarragona at the time of the Roman Empire, and that have survived to this day. The fruit has an oval shape and is large and fleshy.

The Extra Virgin oil we obtain has smells of fresh grass and olive leaf. It is full-bodied in the mouth, with tastes that remind us of toasted almonds and tomatoes, and with the intense bitterness of green almonds and green peppers.

We recommend using it in salads, with cured cheeses and sausages.

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